Simplify construction challenges with one-stop materials service.

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with NEXUS Engineering & Materials Solution. Our knowledge of materials, engineering and interior finishes enables us to provide a total, optimised solution.

Construction Materials Consulting

By expert civil and mechanical engineering and supply team.

Supplier Management

Our supply team handles administration of multiple vendors for the project.

Minimise Purchase Risk

Assured high-quality materials supply, on-time from reliable vendors.

Save on Cost & Time

Save resources on vendor management, get best value for the project budget.

Quality Control

Comprehensive inspection and quality checks by trained professionals.

Professional Service

We are a one-stop service provider, the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia.

High Quality Materials

Quality construction and material supplies at the best value for money.

Trusted Partnerships

Benefit from our vendor relationships across wide markets and regions.

Services & Solutions


Mechanical Materials

Wide range of international quality HVAC, piping, sanitary fixtures, firefighting equipment. Guaranteeing highest standards and specifications.


Electrical Materials

Cables and wires, lighting solutions, wiring devices for commercial, industrial and residential projects. Compliant with international safety standards.


Finishing Materials

High quality finishing materials – door accessories, tiles, insulating materials, waterproofing materials and paints from international brands.

Mechanical Materials

Whether you’re building a residential, commercial or an industrial project, NEXUS Engineering & Materials Solution has your needs covered. We offer international quality mechanical materials that meet the highest standards and specifications.

  • HVAC


    We provide solutions and spare parts for heating, ventilation and air condition systems, and cooling requirements.

    Compressors | Air Filters | EC Motors | Refrigerant Gas | Refrigerant Oil | Air Duct & Fan Accessories | Exhaust Fans | Refrigerant Copper Pipes & Accessories | Belts | Air Outlets | Mechanical Bearings

  • Piping


    Water supply systems, rainwater drainage and sanitation are some of the most vital aspects of maintenance and construction. We guarantee the highest standards and specifications for the best piping and plumbing solutions for our customers, with pipes ranging from 20mm to 2,400mm.

    PPR Pipes & Fittings | Copper Pipes & Fittings | UPVC-CUPV Pipes & Fittings | PVC Pipes & Fittings | Carbon Steel Pipes & Fittings | HDPE Pipes & Fittings | Ductile Iron Pipes | GRP Pipes | Water Valves | Pipe Supports | Manhole & Chamber Covers

  • Sanitary Fixtures

    Sanitary Fixtures

    We provide a wide range of bathroom sets and accessories from an extensive range of modern, international brands, suitable for all residential, commercial and medical applications.

    Sanitary Fixtures | Water Mixers | Kitchen Sinks & Accessories | Bathroom Accessories | Plumbing Valves & Accessories

  • Firefighting Equipment

    Firefighting Equipment

    Firefighting systems are the one of the most basic health and safety requirements and cannot be compromised. We provide firefighting and fire prevention solutions with the highest specifications and standards.

    Fire Extinguishers | Firefighting Gas & Suppression System | Fire Cabinets | Fire Alarms | Safety Equipment: Protective Overalls, Head Protections, Eye Protection, Chemical Protection, Safety Cabinets

Electrical Materials

We offer best-in-class customer-centric electrical materials that meets project requirement and budget. Our clients benefit from the finest selection of products and materials.

  • Lighting Solutions

    Lighting Solutions

    We provide a wide range of electrical solutions for commercial, industrial and residential users.

    Ballasts | Emergency Lighting | Flashlights | Hand & Portable Lamps | Hazardous Location Fixtures | Indoor Fixtures | Indoor HID Fixtures | Indoor LED Lights Fixtures | Work Site Lighting | Lamps | Light Bulb Products | Outdoor Area Fixtures | Outdoor LED Lights fixtures | Task Lights | Track & Recessed Lighting Fixtures

  • Wiring Devices

    Wiring Devices

    We offer the perfect wiring device styles and solutions for home and office projects. Electrical switches and sockets in a range of colours and finishes from top brands.

    Sockets | Switches | Grid Wiring | Weatherproof Switches & Sockets | Floor Sockets & Boxes | Plugs & Fuses

  • Cables & Wires

    Cables & Wires

    We provide a huge selection of wire and cable products, covering many applications and spanning various sectors and international standards.

    Power Cables & Wires | Telecommunication Cable & Wires | Copper & Aluminium Rods | Polymers

Brand Alliances

NEXUS Engineering & Materials Solution Partner brands.

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  • We had a great experience working with Nexus Group. They deployed state of the art tracking technology for integration in our system.
    Paul Wood
    Chief Executive Officer
  • We had a great experience working with Nexus Petro. They deployed state of the art tracking technology for integration in our system. Your service is fantastic.
  • We had a great experience working with Nexus Petro. They deployed state of the art tracking technology for integration in our system.
  • They deployed state of the art tracking technology for integration in our system. They deployed state of the art tracking technology for integration in our system.

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