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Introducing AZ Fuels 

NEXUS PETRO in joint venture with MeduNet (a part of Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Foundation) introduces AZ Fuels.

AZ Fuels offers the most innovative fuel dispensing and distribution technologies in Saudi Arabia. From individual components to fully integrated solutions, AZ Fuels is a one-stop shop for all the fuel-related needs of corporate vehicle fleets.

Our business is applied through four core components.

About MeduNet

MeduNet, is a part of the Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Foundation. It is one of the leading ICT solutions providers in the Middle East region. MEDUNET has developed the pioneering Automated Fuel Management (AFuel) system.

About AFuel

AFuel provides modern and efficient petrol station management. AFuel system helps both corporate and individual customers control their fuel costs and improve efficiency using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology and state-of-the-art fuel management solutions.


Private Fuel Sites

We customise solutions for Customers with private fueling sites for their corporate fleets.

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Public Fuel Sites

Contracts to install AFuel with multiple petrol station network owners across Saudi Arabia.

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Fuel on Demand

Refueling service provided from a fuel tanker equipped with the AFuel system.

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Mobile Fuel Stations

Distribution of mobile fuel dispensing units, fuel storage and steel transport tanks.

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Automated Fuel Systems

Our fuel management system provides automation of fuel delivery to maintain, control and monitor fuel consumption. Our solutions ensure accurate data on sales thereby, improving accountability and reliability.

Our automated fuel system enables clients with private and public fuelling sites enjoy better control on commercial accuracy and ensure standardized performance.

Our Solutions

Self Service Stations, Site Automation, Pump Operator, Customer Identification Systems, Tank Automation Systems, Vehicle Identification Systems

Tailormade Solutions

for transport fleet owners and fuel distribution companies that operate fuel stations networks

Complete Automation

Proprietary software and hardware covers all automation needs of fuel companies, fleet owners and fuel station owners

  • Our Clients: Private Sites

    Customers with private fueling sites for their corporate fleets, which are using the AFuel system.

    Al Fahhad: 5,000 vehicles at 15 sites throughout KSA. AFuel has installed an automation system with around 300 RFID Tags at one of its Riyadh locations.

    Al Tuwaiq Company: 1,500 vehicles. Trial installation, after which installation will take place throughout other Al Tuwaiq locations.

  • Our Clients: Public Sites

    Contracts have been signed to install AFuel with multiple petrol station network owners.

    RFID Tags are sold to customers with a monthly subscription for services  and a profit sharing arrangement for fuel sales. Our solutions focus on meeting the needs of:

    1. Companies engaged in countrywide transportation
    2. Government Agencies


is taking the petroleum industry towards a fully transparent, digitised, automated, and ultimately efficient operation.

Fuel on Demand

Fuel on Demand is a refueling service provided from a fuel tanker equipped with the AFuel system.

  1. Convenient Refueling

    This service allows companies to refuel their fleet vehicles from within their work/parking premises.

  2. Remote Location

    Companies can refuel operating equipment/vehicles in remote locations where it is not practical or cost effective to use fixed refueling facilities.

  3. Automated Fuel Dispenser

    The Fuel on Demand Mobile Browser Unit has an in-built automation system designed to control the dispensing of fuel from a mobile fuel tanker.

Drive Future Value and Growth

Reinventing petroleum sector through industrial IoT is setting service benchmark along with reduced costs for end-customers.

Mobile Fuel Station

AFuel supplies Mobile Fuel stations, a containerized solution for the distribution of liquid fuels. Each 40ft container has 45,000 litre capacity, is fully automated and comes with safety equipment.

Meets Saudi Civil Defense standards

All of AFuel’s Mobile Stations satisfy Saudi Civil Defense standards and regulations.

  • Mobile Fuel Station Clients

    We have delivered our fully automated mobile fuel station to Mubarrad Transport Company in Riyadh.

  • Environmental Monitoring Systems

    AFuel’s Mobile Stations are equipped with environmental monitoring systems and external fuel level pipes (Level Indicators).

A trusted partner to the best

Working with the industries best to deliver outstanding results

  • We had a great experience working with Nexus Petro. They deployed state of the art tracking technology for integration in our system. Your service is fantastic.
  • We had a great experience working with Nexus Petro. They deployed state of the art tracking technology for integration in our system.

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